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Team Members (EN)

Our lab has many active members that are dedicated to work hard to obtain results that up to the international research level, have a look and contact us to get enlightened.





Takio Kurita


He received the B.Eng. degree from Nagoya Institute of Technology and the Dr. Eng. degree from the University of Tsukuba, in 1981 and in 1993, respectively. He joined the Electrotechnical Laboratory, AIST, MITI in 1981. From 1990 to 1991 he was a visiting research scientist at Institute for Information Technology, National Research Council Canada. From 2001 to 2009, he was a deputy director of Nueroscience ResearchInstitute, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST). Also he was a Professor at Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering, University of Tsukuba from 2002 to 2009. He is currently a Professor at Hiroshima University. His current research interests include statistical pattern recognition and its applications to image recognition. He is a member of the IEEE, the IPSJ, the IEICE of Japan, Japanese Neural Network Society, The Japanease Society of Artificial Intelligence.





Novanto Yudistira


I am a student at Kurita Lab. 





I am a student at Kurita Lab. 


Ryo Nomura


I am a student at Kurita Lab. 



 Motaz Sabri


He is a software professional and QA engineer with more than 4 years of combined market intelligence, competitive intelligence and Internet research experience. My focus has been on deep web sourcing, executive HCI and security of networks. he enjoys doing software management with professionals from any industry on a global scale and encourage you to contact me at any time! 






I am a student at Kurita Lab. 




I am a student at Kurita Lab. 




[2013年9月] Xiaoying Guo, Modeling the perception of visual complexity of texture images and painting images 

[2012年6月] Muthu Subash KAVITHA, Automatic system for diagnosing osteoporosis based on dental panoramic radiographs using statistical classification techniques (歯科パノラマX線写真にもとづく統計的分類技術を用いた骨粗鬆症自動診断システム) 


[2015年3月] 原島 やよい, Baof-of-Featuresによる画像認識のための特徴抽出手法の検討 

[2015年3月] Xuezhen Li, Nonlinear Discriminant Analysis using K-Nearest-Neighbor Estimation 

[2014年9月] Yilim Du, Sparse representation using kernel based auto associative memory 

[2014年9月] Yuan Yi, SIFT Descriptor based on Complementary Color Space 

[2014年3月] Pengliang Wu, Digital Photo Quality Assessment by Machine Learning Techniques 

[2014年3月] Zhiming Gu, Person Reidentification Across Multiple Cameras 

[2013年9月] Zhouxin Yang, Improvements of local descriptor in HOG/SIFT by BOF approach 

[2013年9月] Zhibin Zhang, Pixel-Pair Features Selection for Vehicle Tracking 


[2015年3月] 斉藤 幸子、「Support Vector Machineを用いた切り絵風画像生成」

[2015年3月] 徳田 博明、「異なる状況で撮影した画像中の人物が同じかどうかの判定法の性能評価」

[2014年3月] 野村 亮、「スペクトラム特徴を用いた機械学習による楽器音識別」

[2014年3月] 高橋 康平、「経験カーネル特徴に基づく識別に有効な特徴の再構成」

[2013年3月] 原嶋 やよい、「カラー特徴と形状特徴を用いた絵画の画像の自動判別」

[2012年3月] 間下 恭平、「Decremental SVMを用いたleave-one-out法によるSVMのパラメータ探索」


[2015年3月] 稲葉知彦、「Word2vecによる関連語検索」 

[2013年3月] 高橋 康平、「次元圧縮によるカーネル関数を用いたサポートベクターマシンの汎化性能の向上」 

[2012年3月] 原嶋 やよい、「Bag of FeaturesとSVMを用いた写実的な絵画と抽象的な絵画の自動判別」 

[2012年3月] 徳田 博明、「東日本大震災におけるがれき画像の識別」